Adult Hockey Leagues

The RDV Ice Den Adult Hockey Program offers a variety of co-ed divisions to fit your playing style. Players must be at least 18 years old to participate and registered with USA Hockey online at Players must submit a copy of their current USA Hockey registration before participating in games. Dates and times for adult leagues vary depending on enrollment. Our adult leagues are for recreational purposes only! RDV Ice Den reserves the right to remove anyone for inappropriate playing styles. Please contact Joe Smith at before registering for a league as an individual to ensure you are placed on a team.

Pointstreak Schedules & Results

35+ League

The 35+ league involves skill-based player selection. Under this format, the 35+ A Division draft will involve the Captain selection of the top 44 players and top 4 goaltenders. 11 skaters per team plus a goaltender. The remaining player pool will make up the 35+ B North Division draft, the Captain for another selection of 44 players and 4 goaltenders, followed by a 35+B South Division Draft with the remaining 44 players and 4 goaltenders. All divisions will maintain 11 skaters per team which will allow for any late additions for a maximum of 12 skaters per team.

Winter Season: January 8-April 24, 2019
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Rookie League

Rookie League is for all new players who are learning the game of hockey, including the basics of shooting, passing, and stick handling. Games are usually played on Sunday nights. League fee includes Adult Learn to Play classes at 8:00am on Saturdays. New players wanting to join the Rookie League must contact the Adult Hockey Coordinator, Joe Smith, at or 407-916-2553 before registering.

Winter Season: January 27-May 5, 2019
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B League

B League is for players with better than average skill sets, with some high school and/or house league experience. There are normally three 15 game seasons and games are usually held on Thursday nights.

Skating: Skills are mostly instinctive at all phases of ice skating.
Skills: Players display confidence with their ability to shoot, pass, and stick handle.

Winter Season: January 10-April 18, 2019

C League

C League is for players with average skill sets, with about five to ten years hockey playing experience. There are normally three 12 game seasons and games are usually held on Monday nights.

Skating: Skills are becoming second nature at all phases.
Skills: Players possess ability to pass, stick handle, and shoot with their heads up.

Winter Season: March 4-June 24, 2019
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D League

D League (Novice) is for players who are continuing to develop skills learned in the Rookie League. There are normally three 13 game seasons and games are usually played on Friday or Saturday nights.

Skating: Players are skating with conscious control, and can do forward crossovers, transition to backwards skating, and stop. Players should also show ability with backward skating.
Skills: Players can pass, stick handle, and shoot with some precision.

Winter Season: January 25-April 26, 2019

Weekend Advanced League (WAHL)

Weekend Advanced League (WAHL) is our most advanced division. Players must have a high degree of hockey playing skills (former and current pro, junior, or college experience). There are normally three 12 game seasons and games are usually played on Sunday nights.

Skating: Skills are instinctive at all phases of ice skating.
Skills: All skills are fully developed and instinctive.

Winter Season: January 6- April 14, 2019

For more information, please contact the Adult Hockey Coordinator at 407-916-2553 or
For registration assistance, contact the Operations Manager, Jason Leisten at 407-916-2418 or