Learn To Skate

Learn to Skate

Out of an abundance of caution, due to an increased number of COVID-19 cases in our area, we have decided to postpone Learn to Skate until further notice. We apologize for the short notice and will communicate additional changes with you as soon as we are able. We will refund your Learn to Skate fees to your account to be used in the future. Our mission in the Ice Den has always been and will always be the safety of our customers and team members, so thank you for understanding.

Learn to Skate group classes offer a fun and relaxed environment for skaters of all skill levels. Participants meet once a week for a 30-minute class followed by 15 minutes of supervised practice. Learn to Skate sessions are eight weeks long (4 weeks during our mini session) with achievement testing on the last day of class. The 2019-2020 annual membership with Ice Sports Industry (ISI) is included with registration. Skaters earn achievement badges or certificates and advance through the ISI curriculum.

Groups are formed with skaters of similar age and skill level. Please indicate the level for which you are enrolling during registration. If necessary, the skater’s skill level will be assessed on the first day of class by Ice Den instructors. Sorry, make up classes are not available. If a class is missed, please remind your instructor and he/she will work with the skater during the 15 minutes of supervised practice time immediately following their next lesson.

Rental skates are not included with Learn to Skate classes. Skate rental punch cards with eight rentals may be purchased at the Ice Den service desk for $26.25 plus tax.

All Learn to Skate participants are invited to practice their ice skating skills during weekday and weekend afternoon public skate sessions. Each participant receives eight electronic public skate admissions (4 during the mini session) valid for any Afternoon skate session (not valid for evening sessions; skate rental is included. These admissions are available beginning the first week of Learn to Skate class and expire at the end of the eight week session. Skaters also receive 15% off one item in the Ice Den Pro Shop which is valid throughout the eight weeks of Learn to Skate.

Tuesday 6:00pm & Saturday 11:15am classes are for children 10 and under. Wednesday 6:00pm & Saturday 12:30pm classes are for all ages.

Skate Rental Punch Card

The skate rental punch card provides 8 skate rentals. This card is non-refundable and non-replaceble.

After purchase, your punch card can be picked up at the Ice Den Service Desk.


This beginner class focuses on fun and safety. Off the ice, skaters learn to properly tie and walk in their skates. On the ice, skaters learn to safely fall, stand independently and begin skating forward. If you have never taken lessons before, we recommend that you take this class first.


Participants learn the art of gliding on both feet and then on each foot independently. Skaters are taught introductory edge moves known as swizzles and wiggles. Skaters must pass Pre-Alpha before entering Alpha class.


Skaters learn forward stroking, crossovers and are introduced to skating in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Participants learn to stop by using the edges on their blades. Skaters must pass Alpha before entering Beta class.


Skaters in the Beta class learn to skate backwards. Backward stroking and crossovers in both directions are the primary focus of the class. Participants are also introduced to another method of stopping with their blades. Skaters must pass Beta before entering the Gamma class. Completing this class is recommended before progressing to Learn to Play Hockey classes.

Gamma / Delta

Skaters are taught intermediate skills such as forward outside three turns, mohawks and hockey stops! Skaters at this level can skate forward and backward, so the Gamma class concentrates on maneuvers that enable the skater to shift properly from forward to backward skating. Gamma class introduces techniques and moves that help skaters transition back and forth on their edges.

Intermediate skills are refined in the Delta class. Inside three turns and edge work are taught to develop the quality and control a skater has while performing their skills. Coaches focus on proper balance and body alignment.

Parent Tot

Learn to skate with your young child (toddlers ages 3-4). Basic beginner skills are taught to both participants. This class is only offered on Saturdays from 12:05-12:50pm.

Beginner Learn to Skate: Homeschool

Beginner Learn to Skate: Homeschool is an eight week program for homeschoolers ages 6-17. Participants meet once a week for a 30-minute class followed by 15 minutes of supervised practice. This program is a great opportunity for your homeschooler to try a new activity while staying active and socializing with other homeschoolers. This class is for skaters in Learn to Skate level Beginner only. Rental skates are not included with Learn to Skate classes. Skate rental punch cards with eight rentals may be purchased at the Ice Den service desk. The fee is $26.25 plus tax.

More information coming soon!

Freestyle One

This is an introduction to Freestyle 1 with the primary focus on backward edges. This class may only be taken one time, prior to entering the Academy Class on Thursdays. This class is only offered on Saturdays from 12:30-1:15pm.

Synchronized Skating

Skaters learn the basics of synchronized skating while improving basic skating skills needed to move up through the levels of our Learn to Skate program. Skaters learn basic synchronized elements such as blocks, wheels, circles, and intersections as well as basic hand and arm hold positions. Skaters learn to skate in unison to a tempo and have the opportunity to learn and practice a program to perform in our RDV ice show or competition (additional cost). Skaters who pay full price for the Learn to Skate Synchronized Skating class may choose to enroll in our Saturday Learn to Skate class at 11:15am for half off the regular enrollment price. All ages are welcome. Skaters must have passed Beginner and can be no higher than Freestyle 1.

Theatre On Ice

Theatre on Ice is offered on Saturdays from 1:00-1:45pm to skaters who are at least level Freestyle one or higher. This is a fun, performance based class, focusing on ice show and competition group numbers. Skaters will go through a simple audition before signing up for this program. Additional costs for Theatre on Ice for costumes, props and competition entry fees should be expected. Please contact the Ice Show Director for more information or to set up an audition at 407-916-2551.

Contact BJ, Skating Programs Manager, for more information at bshue@rdviceden.com or 407-916-2551.
Contact Stefan, Operations Team Leader, for registration assistance at sruiz@rdviceden.com or 407-916-2779.